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 0492 441 657
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Edinburgh Castle rd, 
KEDRON, Brisbane, Q. 4031. Australia.


ALL only by Appointment 

 Tuesday - Friday 

Evening appointments: 
Wednesday & Thursday: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Some Saturdays available: 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Fee Schedule: 

Initial phone call: FREE (please email/contact form first)

Mediation in-take session (1- 1.5 hours): $170 each. This includes 60I certificate if required and appropriate. 

Mediation (3 hours): $640 (equally shared by the parties)

Child Inclusive Session (1.5hours): $300 - (up to 3 children)

Room Hire : approximately $100 a session.

  • Although intakes do not incur a room hire cost, all mediations will be conducted in an appropriate  neutral location. Room hire costs are equally shared by parties. If the mediation is Shuttle, two rooms will be booked. OBM will provide two options. This cost must be paid at the time of booking the mediation an is non-refundable. 

Progressive Mediation: $1600 (3 x 2-3hours) - 3 mediation sessions within a 9 month period.

  • Discuss and propose options without the pressure of final decisions. time for reflection, trial, re-evaluation and prioritization of outcomes and circumstances. This allows a 'safety net', knowing that the parties have agreed to return to address the issues in a set amount of time. 

Mediation Prep: $300 (up to 2 hours)

  • If you have mediation elsewhere this session can help prepare you to present your case as best as possible.

Co-parent conflict coaching: $600 (4 x 1.5h sessions)

Marital Mediation: $400 (2 x intakes & 2 hour joint session)

All appointments must be paid in advance. Please contact for cancellation policy. 

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