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Olive Branch Mediation (OBM) provides a focused, no-fuss process in resolving disputes and conflicts. We aim to facilitate an opportunity for clients to come to their best decisions; to enable some control of the outcome. OBM focuses on maximising the self-determination of clients. The mediation can explore expectations, strategies, defining roles and responsibilities through improved communication.  This will result in tailoring the best solution for all parties involved. OBM can successfully pilot you through all types of personal and organisational conflict, including:

  • Parenting and property negotiations after separation
  • Child inclusive mediation
  • Conciliation 
  • Marital Mediation
  • Aged care and estate disputes
  • Teenage technology agreements
  • Adult children stay-home agreements

When a dispute arises or separation occurs, don’t jump to talk of suing, litigation and court, try Olive Branch Mediation first instead. 

Why choose Olive Branch Mediation?

  • Brisbane based, giving priority to locals and businesses with fast response time and flexibility in mediation processes.
  • Out of hours appointments at no extra cost. 
  • Olive Branch Mediation are highly qualified and experienced in a range of areas including child inclusive mediation and the new family court system.
  • OBM takes a collaborative approach to conflict resolution and we understand both professionally and personally what you are going through.
  • Check out the Process & Frequently Asked Questions to see if OBM is right for you. 

3 OPTIONS for Mediation

1. Round Table Mediation: Two parties and the mediator, focused dialogue and process with the goal being agreement based on the needs of the parties/children. 

2. Lawyer Assist Mediation: Clients have legal representation. The lawyers assist with advice during the mediation, but have a support role - they do not speak for the parties. 

3.  Shuttle Mediation: Parties are in different rooms/spaces and the mediator 'shuttles' between the parties. 

Margo Orbell

Margo is an experienced mediator ensuring unbiased and intentional mediation. She focuses clients to the issues with purpose and respect.

Margo brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and resources to the mediation space. She has both professional and lived experience in a Family Relationship Centre as an FDRP, in Federal Circuit Court, and in legal negotiations and as a socio-legal academic. Margo also holds postgraduate degrees in Law, Dispute Resolution, Justice (Intelligence), and is a community Justice of the Peace(Qual).

Margo uses a facilitative process to help place both parties in control over their expectations and decisions. She is a Family Dispute Resolution Accredited Mediator (FDRP), a Child Inclusive Consultant (Children Beyond Dispute), and a National Accredited Mediator (NMAS). She also has 4 sons. 

Margo specializes in property settlements, post separation conflict, blended families, marital mediation, estate conflicts and forward planning. She is passionate about building conflict-free possibilities and futures for clients and families.


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Monday - Friday

Evening appointments:

Monday – Thursday 6:30pm - 9:30pm

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 Phone: 0492 441 657
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What our clients say:

"Margo was so professional and skilled at directing conversation, she made me feel calm and ready to work this out' - J
"Olive Branch helped us realise that we could figure out our dispute without yelling and blaming each other, we have come out better neighbours than the before"- N
"Margo has a way of making you feel in control and pulling you back into line at the same time. She is a very skilled, intutive mediator" - T and S

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